Monday, December 6, 2010

A year ago today

A year ago today, the span of me being a good person backfired on me.

I took in a derelect of a person because her son and herself had no other place to go. I gave them food, shelter, and a warm place to stay. In return i expected something as basic as respect and eventually some income. I received neither.

I had never experienced such a travesty of an experience in my life. To the core, i was broken down, mentally and physically to financially keep myself above water. She pushed me to the limit.

At the near end of her tyrade into my home, i met one of the best things to happen to me. Go figure its a girl. She brought me out of a terrible depression and allowed me to see that i could care for someone again.

Then she trampled upon me. Took my heart and ran it through a garbage disposal.

5 months later where do i stand? Much better then 5 months ago. The advice id heard... "trying to forget the ones you loved is like trying to remember someone you never met."
"there are other fish in the sea"
"karma will reward you"

Fuck that all. Its hard to just toss it aside, and its even harder to go through these holidays still alone.

I feel like a whiney little bitch. But i know that ill get over all this shit. and i know it will take time.

But time is a bitch. It always has been.


Enough with this e-mo stuff.

Anyone have an idea when Hulu and Xfinity will create a PS3 app without a monthly fee? or better yet when PS3 will allow for Flash based html5 movies to be played on their browser? It would be greately appreciated if anyone has tips. Ive exhausted Netflix for all the shows that are interested. It seems that the Xfinity/comcast partnership is all i have left and i dont want to hook a computer to my tv.

Or... Reccomend me some good netflix instant streaming shows worth while.