Friday, August 19, 2011

Open Letter to Netflix

Hi Netflix. How are you? Im doing great. I figure we should touch base since i rarely get a chance to talk to you, and you only talk to me when you raise your rates. I mean, the phone/email works both ways right? I got to say, i really appreciate you letting me borrow your movies for the past 6 years, and they are great movies at that. But in that six years you have started charging me more, and more, three to four different times at that. And no, im not complaining. I mean we are great friends. But, I digress, you never talk to me anymore. You never really tell me where my money is going, or at least keep me updated..

I mean, i had this one friend, his name was Apple. Although me and apple parted ways, but whenever they wanted more money, i would get consistant updates, and they gave me a list of where my money was going, what feature rich products it was going towards, i could go to their website and see where they were putting my money, and how it was being used. I have searched your site. Your facebook, everything. I cant find anywhere about where your company is putting my money, other then its to meet the demand of other friends of yours. To which i must say, i have known you longer ;)

But i dont want this to get too drawn out. I would just like to say, if we are going to keep having such a great friendship, i think i should introduce you to my friend google. My friendship with google is AMAZING. i am always told about the new things they are striving for, working towards, and they have a much more aggregate culture to work against then you. And im not saying your job is easy. Not one bit. I mean, i just found out about a year ago the problems you were having with the bully movie industries (i wish i could of helped some way). I am just saying, i think since we are such close friends you should let me know about what you are working towards, what you have in the works. What kind of partnerships you are tryin to make. Not that i am going to cut off this friendship anytime soon, i am just saying. I would really enjoy reading about where my money is going, and how i am helping to make your life easier.

I mean, after all, we are really good friends right? You let me instantly watch movies every day and night, to every tv in my house. i cant really complain. I would however like to sort of ask, can i expect any newer movies? Im just curious like, who else are you trying to be friends with? I understand i cant pick and choose who you are friends with, but i can get excited to hear who you are trying to be friends with. Anyways Netflix, thanks for being a good friend and helping me out. Let me know if i can help you out.

Your Good Friend

-Nick Gambino