Thursday, April 1, 2010


Its Funny, I find myself in situations that i dont know how i got into them. I dont understand the pretense and i dont understand how my actions get so far unraveled. But i know that my intentions have always been good. Maybe one day, The truth of my actions will come out, and when it does, ill probably have a better life. But leading up to that time, it most likely isnt going to happen soon, shortly, or even in an immediate long term instance.

I find myself living for my friends, taking little consideration into how i actually feel about the subject matter but very rarely allowing my actions to overtake my morals and values. But even still i find myself not living the advice i seem to give to other people. Stand Firm, Hold your ground, Dont let others step on you. All very basic ideas and simple words to say, but to impliment such words into action seems to be more trying then not.

For what is a man to gain, when he inherits the world, but loses his soul.

I see this quote, and it speaks to me. How often do you, the reader have something that speaks to you, let alone a quote? Hopefully often. Quotes often by well known authors, historians, doctors and leaders, seem to relinquish doubt, and ambiguity in my life that i feel is utterly unfitting of my position. Questions of time, stresses of the future can be resolved by simple quotes. One line sentences, arranged in a sense to put life in perspective.

Its disheartening to know that in my lifetime, i will never have the impact on as many people as one sentence written by these people has had on the world.

So what quotes, what other amazing things will i find myself reading in the next ten years? Ten years prior i had pages and pages of quotes i could recite for hours, inspirational sayings, things to allow us to cope. Allow us to deal with times we dont know how to deal with. These are the words, these are the sentences that get us by. The few of us who would rather read a book then talk about our feelings. The select few of us who would rather entrust our stresses of the world in a leather bound 15$ article, then to take the risk of a friend judging us.

I wish you could read a book by its cover, or a person by they're face. I wish i had the answers, i wish i had the knowledge to know what to do next. Above all else. I wish i could find the words i need to say, to make everything right with everyone...

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